Any harm in leaving top down for long periods?
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      Any harm in leaving top down for long periods?

      I have probably never gone more than a few weeks with the top staying down, but now I could probably go months.....any harm in leaving it down that long? If so, will just cycling it up and down once a week offset any issues? Or should it stay closed when sitting for a week or more?
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      I'll be interested in the responses. As hot as it is here in central Texas, we usually don't drive during the day with the top down(other than early morning and maybe a bit before sunset); but, we do leave the top down for 2-3 days at a time if we take the other car out during the day.
      At least it's not like the old ragtops, where we were worried about the vinyl creasing with extended 'down time'.
      Might be different with your '07 vs our '13 also.
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      That's an interesting question, my first thought is, cycle it as little as possible to keep wear down. I leave my soft top down all winter in the garage. I would say if you want to be safe do it once a month, once a week is overkill. I know it's designed to cycle daily if needed but still, to me logically, motion is the enemy.
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