2004 S60 blower problems
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      2004 S60 blower problems

      My dad gave me his old 2004 S60 2.5T as my first car recently, but we've been having problems with the climate control blower. After the car was turned off the blower would keep running until the battery died, so the fuse had to be pulled to make it stop. It sat for a while not running until we began to get it back into working shape. We were trying to diagnose the issue and discovered the fuse had been melted. It hadn't blown, the whole fuse, metal and all, melted into the interior fuse box. We got all of the melted fuse bits out and the fuse box seems unharmed. Now we need to know how to fix it. Thanks

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      More than likely its its the blower motor resistor. Also called a Power unit. part #8693262

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      Yup. ^ It can either be the blower motor resistor or the blower motor itself, or both. I had to replace 2 blower motor resistors before I just replaced the blower motor. I purchased the parts from FCPEuro so they covered the resistor failure 2x.
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      Make sure that the correct fuse is installed while you are troubleshooting other stuff.

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      Good news is that both are easy to get to and there are some good youtube videos out there. You found a good first DIY job and congrats on your new to you wheels. I would swap both the blower and resistor. When I did mine I was shocked at how much more air the new blower moved compared to my old one. I wish I had replaced them years ago.
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