So here's a fun one..

I bought my 2015.5 V60 in May 2018. In the service history from the dealer, they say they worked on a complaint of "AC not cool enough" in May 2016, but I don't have any more detailed info and neither does the dealer (they swapped out their systems and didn't keep any detailed service history).

In July 2018, the AC stopped blowing cold. I took it to a dealer, and they replaced some O-rings under warranty and recharged the system.
In October 2018, it stopped blowing cold again. I took it to another dealer, who claim to have done a leak test and found no leaks, and they charged me for it even though I was still under warranty. (Refrigerant doesn't just disappear.. there was clearly a leak at this point.)
In July 2019, it stopped blowing cold again. I took it to an independent shop, who replaced the valve core.
Over the last few weeks, it stopped blowing cold yet again. At this point, I did some research, pulled out my cabin air filter and aimed a blacklight and my phone camera at the evaporator, and what do you know:

Given that dealer #2 couldn't find any leaks when there clearly was one, and that this is the FIFTH time that this car's AC system has discharged itself, I'm suspecting that the evaporator has been the main problem all along.

My question is, since my warranty expired between "we can't find any leaks" and now, does anyone here know whether Volvo (or the dealer) might be able to help me here, or am I probably just SOL even though I brought the problem to them under warranty and they weren't able to diagnose it? I've spent about $500 on this problem so far and it looks like getting the evaporator done will be another $1k or so, and that really stings given that this should have been fixed under warranty. (I'm expecting they'll probably just wave me away since I'm no longer under warranty, but if anyone knows anything that I might be able to say to get them to do otherwise, or has had experience with a problem like this before, any advice would be greatly appreciated.)