New here; old Brickboard vet
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      Junior Member djugurba's Avatar
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      May 2018
      Hudson, MA

      New here; old Brickboard vet

      Hi folks-

      Taking delivery of CPO '17 V90CC T6 tomorrow (Maple Brown/Blonde, lux package, air suspension, B&W, 19" wheels - exactly as I'd have ordered it if doing OSD). I've been reading this forum for years, but haven't had more than minor issues with my current '15 XC70 T6 w/P* and haven't yet posted.

      Previously active on Brickboard until my '88 245 went to an eager new (younger) owner who was happy to not use air conditioning.

      Former: '67 122s, '78 245, '87 245, '88 245, '10 XC70 (t-boned/totaled/saved me), '15.5 XC60. Had "245" plates until the XC70 got 'boned.

      Also had a mercedes diesel wagon problem for a while, but don't hold it against me.

      Mods, if I could be added to the forums (keep getting "you can't do X,Y,Z" messages), that would be great. I'm not a robot

      Very excited about the new V90CC, and very appreciative of the knowledge and practical advice here. Cheers all.


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      Jan 2016
      Chicago, IL
      Congratulations on the new ride! It sounds like a beauty. I love the Maple color on those wagons. Post some pics when you can.
      Current - 2000 V70R Venetian Red Pearl
      Past - 1998 V70 XC Emerald Green Metallic
      RIP - 1987 Mazda RX-7 White/Red (first car, many speeding tickets, blown rotary engine)

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      Niiice, congrats.

      We need to know the current covid19 market for the much unloved SPA CC. I.e. how much did you pay. Thanks!

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      Junior Member djugurba's Avatar
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      May 2018
      Hudson, MA
      Well... It was listed at a little less than or the same price as many other similarly-equipped off-lease cars with 35-40k miles (I'd been looking nationwide for comps), but it only has 15k miles, and I didn't pay asking price - ended up probably around $2k off an internet rate which had just dropped the day I called. End of the month/quarter bonus, maybe. Probably could have pushed more but whatever. There was a non-inscription, no air suspension model with 20" wheels on the other side of the state with twice the miles listed higher.

      I also figured I'm unlikely to put 85k more miles on it prior to 3/2027 and saved a few hundred bucks there buying the 10/100 rather than 10/unlimited CPO extension from Steingold. And I got a bit more for my trade than I was expecting (trade = tax benefits in MA and I didn't want to mess with a private party sale during a pandemic), which was good.

      Took Volvo's 2.9 financing which was a slightly better rate than what I'd had lined up from USAA. Ultimately, it happened to be the closest one to me by distance that had everything I wanted (that wasn't Ocean Race - and one of those popped up the day before I pulled the trigger on this one, but it was more than $10k higher price listed and had twice as many miles and fewer of the features I wanted in addition to being in Syracuse).

      A few that I'd emailed / called about were coming 1,200 to 2k off their internet rates, but then there's always the trade-in mystery / location / etc. I'm pleased with the deal and the car is gorgeous and gave me a massage on the way home. Good massages cost $180/hr, right? Saving me money already.
      2017 V90CC T6 Inscription
      2015 XC70 T6 P*

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