Yesterday, I suddenly lost all electrical power and functions (windows, mirrors, locks) on both driver's side doors. Consequently, my security system also would not function properly. I found CEM-U019900 (Lost Communication with Driver Door Module) and PDM-U019900 (Lost Communication with Door Control Module A) with VIDA connected. I also found that with the driver's door fully open, all of the powered functions were operating. As soon as I move the door towards closed an inch or so, all power was lost. Following a YouTube video from the UK that I found for a 2014 S60, I removed the driver's door (easily done - three bolts and the harness connector removed) and peeled back the door end of the molded, ribbed rubber sheath that protects the car body to door harness. I found the Violet/Red 16 ga. wire that provides power to the Driver Door Module broken, about half way up the 6 inch harness length. I pulled the rubber sheath grommet out of the car body end, carefully made a slit in the portion of the rubber sheath that is inside the interior, exposed the wire bundle, and pulled the other end of the suspect wire out of the harness. I fished a new 12" length of 16 ga. wire into the harness, used a butt connector to attach the body end of the power supply wire and used another butt connector at the door end. The door end butt connector was located at the connector's right angle support tab (uses a zip tie to secure the wire bundle to the connector, which prevents this section of the wiring bundle from flexing when the door opens and closes. Reinstalled the door, reconnected the harness and everything works as it should. I wonder how much my local Volvo dealer would have charged to replace this harness? Not a difficult job, and done in about an hour.