ECC Blower Motor Stays On, Kills Battery
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      Exclamation ECC Blower Motor Stays On, Kills Battery

      Wow, look at me posting outside a P80 forum, lol

      Anyway, I'm looking at a very cheap 2004 XC70 with 258k on the clock. As the title implies, its most unusual problem is that the ECC's blower motor stays on at full blast regardless of fan speed setting, regardless to whether the ECC was turnt on, and regardless to whether or not the key is even in the ignition. It is so problematic, that the current owner has to pull the fuse everytime he parks it because it can and will completely drain the battery. Any ideas on what could cause this, none of my searches have shown anything and I'm very new to the P2 chassis? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
      PENDING: 2004 XC70 Mystic Silver/Taupe
      1999 V70R GT - Mystic Silver/Graphite - 149k miles. Converted from base model. T5M drivetrain with all R parts, my Child.
      1999 V70 T5M - Mystic Silver/Graphite - Stripped, about to be junked.
      1999 V70R AWD - Mystic Silver/Graphite - dead.
      1999 V70 GLT - Black/Graphite - sold, then died.

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      Most likely a bad blower motor resistor.

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