Source for custom grille inserts for later model amazon
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      Source for custom grille inserts for later model amazon

      Since the early model amazon grille inserts are almost impossible to find, does anyone know of a source to have a set custom made to fit a 1968 122s wagon? I love the look of the early model grille with the mesh background. The 1968 model year front grill isn't as aesthetically pleasing.

      Has anyone had a set of custom grille inserts made for a later model car that look similar to the early model grille inserts? If you have, please let me know where I can obtain a set.

      I've been told that the 1962-1964 front grille inserts look similar to the older cars but will fit the 1968 grille openings? If anyone has pictures so I can see how different the front grille openings are that would also be helpful.


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      I posted a set of 64 grills in the cassifieds here. That was almost a month ago (?). I do not have the surrounds for them and they need a little work, but they have potential. As a matter of fact, I had them in my hand today. I think I could locate a set of surrounds (they were a someday project for me- and some day is now here...) If you are interested, I'm sure we can work something out. At one time I thought I would use them, but they have been on the shelf too long.

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