Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor
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      I’m troubleshooting an intermittent stutter / hesitation at speed along with occasional nearly stalling at lower speeds. I’ve logged a P0193.
      My scanner shows a strange plateau of fuel pressure jumping from 44 psi up to 111 psi where it will sit for about a minute before returning to 44. When this happens you have the nearly stall at slow speed.

      Is a spike to 111 psi for no apparent reason normal? I’ve also seen shorter interval spikes to 85 psi for no reason but those only last a few seconds. These pressure spikes are not related to load increases.
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      Bump.....any techs in the neighborhood?

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      Fuel rail sensors are very very common failures, we stock them and sell them almost daily it seems like. Fuel pump modules (PEM) can also cause fuel related codes as well. If yours is located under the vehicle be sure to relocate it (with an upgraded harness) to inside the trunk area. Volvo had a tech bulletin on this as well.

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