2004 S80 Passenger-Side Bi-Xenon Front Headlight Assembly
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      2004 S80 Passenger-Side Bi-Xenon Front Headlight Assembly

      I have a front passenger-side Bi-Xenon headlight assembly from a 2004 S80. It is in great shape, but I can't remember why I have the unit. It looks like the bulb is there. When I lightly "shake" the unit, it sounds like something is loose on the inside. It was in an Erie Vovo box, so I called them - they said if it was working and in good shape, they would ask $400 for it. The only thing I can think of is the ballast went bad? And it was better to just replace the whole unit. So I got one from Erie Vovo, and rather than throw the "original" one out, I kept it. I really don't know much about this stuff, though.

      I'll be honest - I really don't think this is perfectly working unit. Is there any value to this with a bad ballast? I don't want to just waste it and throw it away. I would like to sell it to someone who could use it. I have the box and bubble wrap, so I could ship it. If someone could shed some light, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! -Mike

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      Bump just to see if anyone can at least provide comment as to whether these are even worth anything to anyone? Like I said above, I assume the ballast went out and we just replaced the entire assembly (if that makes sense?), so this would be the old assembly with a busted ballast (maybe that is what is making the loose sound?). Thank you!

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