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      Quickish question

      OK, so cruise control is acting insane, example: if I try to set it going uphill, the car will continue to accelerate (I should let it see how fast, lol), I hit the cancel button and half the time I can't reactivate it, other times the cruise light will not come on in the DIM and obviously because of this it will not function at all; additionally, it randomly is telling me I have a turn signal out, then it decides everything is fine. Sometimes mid-drive, sometimes after a restart. Sometimes the cruise control will be fine after a restart, sometimes not.

      Is the common denominator the CEM? It does say there is a CEM fault using the quickie check method, I'm just wondering if it's getting faultier
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      From experience, it sounds like a shorted button on the steering wheel controls. I've seen those symptoms with two cars. It runs off the LIN BUS and usually has a Steering Wheel Module fault with it but there will not be a Steering Wheel Button Fault as there isn't one that I'm aware of. Also seen faulty seat heaters take the LIN BUS down.
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