2016 S60CC: Complete Raised Chassis Suspension with axles, DC Metro
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      2016 S60CC: Complete Raised Chassis Suspension with axles, DC Metro

      This is the full suspension from my 2016 S60CC (48k miles) which will lift your S60 or V60 up two inches. Front and rear control arms, knuckles, struts, rear shocks, springs, rear bump stops, headlight leveling sensor, four axles, brake rotors (have additional fronts and rear rotors, not sure on mileage, might be originals) . Also including 2015.5 V60 FWD (47k miles) dynamic suspension shocks and struts from the donor car I used to lower the S60CC.

      Axle comparison, raised chassis (left) versus lowered chassis (right)

      Axle comparison, lowered chassis (left) versus raised chassis (right)

      Prefer not to ship given the weight.
      Price: $400 obo
      2016 V60CC Platinum | Beechwood Brown interior swap | 20-inch Cratus wheels
      2016 S60CC Platinum with lowered sport chassis | Polestar Performance Springs |
      19-inch Polestar wheels | Elevate GT5 Exhaust, rear sway bar, brake lines, rear spoiler
      2017 XC90 Momentum Plus (family)

      2017 S90 Inscription T6 AWD, 2019 XC40 R-Design T5 AWD, 2017 V90 Cross Country T6 AWD , 2018 V60 Polestar #103/1500, 2016 XC90 R-Design, 2013 C30 Polestar #141/250,2015.5 V60 R-Design,1998 V70 T5M, 1999 S70 GLT, 2000 V70R, 2004 V70R, 2006 V70R Sonic Blue, 2006 V70R Electric Silver, 2007 V70R Passion Red, 2003 XC90 2.5T, 2007 XC90 V8 Sport Electric Silver, 2007 XC90 Sport V8, Passion Red

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      I'm in Richmond, VA but am very interested in this. Sending PM!

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