Stolen keys - replacement options?
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      Stolen keys - replacement options?

      We had our spare key stolen over the weekend and now trying to work out our options to prevent any visitors to the vehicle in the future!
      Obviously we still have one working key. The Volvo service said they could cancel the spare key, however there remained the option that any crook could use the pull out manual key to gain entry, but then they still would not be able to drive it off.
      We then need to get another spare made up and wondering if anyone has used another business apart from through Volvo to do this and whether this is advised with the technology around the key design, etc? Are there many locksmiths who are able to do this and is there a significant cost difference to justify going elsewhere?

      Thanks for your help!


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      Try searching for online shops that offer oem Volvo parts. Then let your dealer do the programming.

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      What year and model is your car? That would help to discuss the options.

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