I have tried to search, but haven’t had much luck getting definite answers.

Most P2 performance parts are intended for the S60/V70/XC70 crowd. Here is what I know also fits the XC90 2.5t:

- Downpipes for AWD models also fit XC90
- Turbo swaps from other P2’s (TD04HL-16t, 19t) can bolt in.
- Silicone fresh air pipe also works for XC90
- There is a dual exhaust upgrade available

So my questions about parts that don’t appear to be available for the XC90 but ARE available for other P2 cars:
- What about an OTE (over the engine) pipe upgrade? Does the S60 ipd pipe work on the XC90?
- What about larger intercooler?
- What about silicon boost tubing from intercooler to throttle body?
- Is there anything else that I’m missing that would make a difference on engine performance?