Does anyone have any videos of the IPD catback with the stock downpipe?
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      Does anyone have any videos of the IPD catback with the stock downpipe?

      I might get the IPD catback for my 2.5T AWD, but I am having trouble finding sound clips of it. Every video I find for it also has an aftermarket downpipe so I can't see how it'll sound on my car. I do eventually plan on getting a new downpipe further down the line, but for now I just want a catback and thats it. I just wanna see how it sounds so I can see if I like it before getting it. Thanks!

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      IPD systems are known for drone in the cabin which is annoying. I bought one of their systems for my P3 T6 and drone was so bad I bought a Simons exhaust and sold the IPD. I did have a Elevate System on my 2006 S60 T5 and much less drone but loud when you go into it. I really liked it and had very little drone even with a catless DP. Youtube is going to be your goto for vids but just know, sound clips on youtube or any other platform really don't capture the true sound experience. ViVA sells the Simons exhaust which is manufactured in Europe, very nice tone with no drone at all and sounds great on startup and when right pedal firmly pushed.
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      I would agree with Oceans60R's statement. I have the IPD Oval Exhuast with IPD downpipe. Installed both at the same time and the drone at 70-80mph is pretty loud. I've gotten used to it so it doesn't bother much anymore, and I plan on adding sound deadening material throughout the trunk and doors soon. That being said, I would probably go a different route if I had to do it again. The IPD whole exhaust system is loud during startup, loud during idle, loud during putting around, loud when you bury your foot in it. That may or may not be what you're looking for.

      My suggestion would be to do the DP + Exhaust at once. Depending on how much rust the underside of your car has seen in its teenage life, you'll be breaking bolts anyway so might as well do it once and be done.
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