So I need to clean off my shelves....

Iím almost certain these all mostly worked. Thereís a SC901 with the cartridge sticking out of it that worked until the cartridge extended one day and wouldnít go back in... and Iíve noticed all SC900/901s are Uber finicky about what CDs they will play and what they wonít play...

But Iím not tearing one of my cars apart and reinstalling these to test them all. If anyone looks at the pic of what they are getting, receives the radio and feels like they didnít get a fair deal, we can talk about it. But the prices are going to be what Iíd call.... reasonable.

That means there may be a backlighting LED or 2 out. Most of these have the codes on them, but Volvo will provide the code for free if you email them, so donít fret if you donít see a code.

One radio ships in a USPS medium flat rate box for $15.05.

Prices do not include shipping. Please reference the radio # you are interested in.

Have some factory premium audio amps coming soon as well. 1 S70 SE style and I believe 3 850R style.

Radio #1
SC815 - $40

Radio #2
SC815 $40
Sticker on underside of radio indicates itís a 5/2001 refurb

Radio #3
SC901 $40
Dated 1/2003
Carousel stuck out.

Radio #4
SC901 $50
Dated 3/2000

Radio #5
SC900 6/98 $50

Radio #6
SC900 3/98 $50

Radio 7
SC900 11/97 $50

Iíve also got an extra CD cartridge for a SC900/901 Id sell *with* a radio for an extra $10...

Donít be afraid to make offers...