Cam seals leaking? Looking for firm way to diagnose
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      Cam seals leaking? Looking for firm way to diagnose

      I am fairly sure that the car has developed the ol cam seal leak. But I wanted to ask around to see if there are other ideas or the best way to diagnose it.
      Noticed a new oil drip on the driveway under the car recently. Right side, in the middle of the wheel-well, and outside of the skid plate. Looked under and saw some drips on the plastic shield over the axle, coming from above. Checked the banjo for the turbo oil feed and it was all dry. I can seem some oil on the timing cover on the exhaust side.
      I pulled the plastic covers over the cam gears, intake looks fine, the back of the exhaust cam looks like it might have been a little damp, very slightly. More shiny than anything. But looking down inside the cover I don't notice anything obvious below the cam gears for leaking.

      I did just replace the diaphragm for the PCV, had the tear and the howl. Car wasn't driven on torn PCV for very long as far as I know. I parked it once the diagnosis was confirmed torn PCV diaphragm. But maybe it was possible that it was long enough to hurt the cam seals?

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      You're describing the cam seal leak, with the location of those drips. The best way to confirm is to pull the top-front cover, over the cam pulleys, from where you can shine a light behind them and see the telltales.

      Yes, a PCV issue will cause this, and replacing the PCV does not undo the problem in many cases.
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      The ol PCV wrecked another component trick. Im telling you man-these Volvos need their oil changed regularly and I change the flame trap ever 3 years regardless of mileage. Had the plastic cover pop and blow oil all over the damn place. Never again. Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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      There is an outer and inner timing cover. The inner cover sits behind the timing components. Cam seal leaks will leak down the engine behind that inner timing cover leaving it clean of oil. I learned this the hard way.
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