Did I find a little bit of a unicorn? Well, at least for New England.
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      Did I find a little bit of a unicorn? Well, at least for New England.

      Hey all, very excited about my new whip. This is my 3rd Volvo now but definitely the most exciting. We recently traded in the wife's 2015.5 V60 T5 E-Drive for a 2017 XC60 T5 Inscription that was a great CPO deal, neither of them very exciting but she loves her new vehicle so my opinion doesn't really matter. ;-) After a couple of weeks I think I missed seeing a wagon sitting around the house so I found my own sweet CPO deal at a local dealer.

      2019 V60 T6 Momentum with about 12k miles, Birch Light paint with City Weave interior. I know it's not Inscription and I'm not quite hip on all the packages but she's got a lot of bells and whistles including the 4C chassis, soon to have the Polestar optimization. I consider it a unicorn because it was the first time I had ever seen that interior and non CC V60s are fairly rare in New England. I've gotten about a 50/50 response on the interior from friends and family, curious what other's opinions are of the City Weave interior. It has been dubbed Spaceballs since it's gone plaid (you'll need to watch the movie to get that reference). I hope I do the image thing right!

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      Love it! Having owned several GTI's I'm partial to a plaid interior. Best of luck with it!
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      Love the plaid interior!
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      Agree with all - the interior is gorgeous. The whole car is, come to that. Congratulations.

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      Love that color combo. Saw one in person when we were looking for the V90CC and was tempted! Looks great!
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      Well if you had asked me if the words "plaid" and "car" go together I would have said "hell no!". But that's just plain gorgeous -- congrats.

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      It’s cool, but if the plan was for long term ownership, I think I’d go with leather...or at least have a set of full leather seat/skins in reserve.
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      Beautiful color!

      I love the plaid interior, would love it even more if it contrasted with darker vinyl on the door cards, etc.
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      This plaid does look rather nice. It's refreshing to see an adventurous design choice from auto manufacturers. That's definitely a large part of why I love Volvo and Polestar.

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      Aug 2020
      The REAL “unicorn” part of this is the V60 T6.. All 2020 and up US are T5 FWD ONLY. I was originally looking at the V60 but that steered me away

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      to my knowledge the first round of spa v60 were only 250 and they were all t6 awd. after that they started making cross country models and stopped offering a non cross country awd. so yes rare car. and i love the city weave, or any premium cloth for that matter. plus adds a bit of character without being goofy like vw gti plaid seats.

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