My 2016 S60 R-Design Platinum has 336 mm front rotors. I am looking for EBC Green Stuff pads for both axles; the rears are easy (DP21934), but finding a set for the fronts is beginning to look like finding a hen's tooth. I have made several calls (EBC USA amongst them), done countless searches with no results. Yellow Stuff pads are readily available, but don't have the characteristics that fit my driving behaviors.

I am aware that other Volvo models use the 336 mm rotors, but I'm not confident that the calipers and carriers of those models would lead to a compatible fitment on my RD/P.

I would greatly appreciate any advise or sources on getting a pad set of Green Stuff for my 336s. The searches I have don't on this site seem to circle all around pad issues, and I am not opposed to considering another pad brand, but want brake performance that is a click or two above the OE offering and want to use full set of pads (F & R) that were designed to work together and that have characteristics on par with the EBC Green Stuff pads.

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