Volvo C30 For my Kiddo
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      Volvo C30 For my Kiddo

      I am looking to get a Volvo C30 for my kiddo. The one i am looking at is a 2008 with 140K miles (timing and water pump changed at 128k). The seats are a bit tore up and since we are driving to pick up the car figured I may swing by and grab some seats from a salvage yard. The car in question has heated mechanical seats. If we swap them out for electric seats is this a difficult task? I am assuming I will me missing a power supply for the seat but I feel like everything seems like it should go pretty easy after that. I was looking online to see if someone had done this but I can’t find it.

      Also we plan on getting crazy and swapping out the stereo we shall see how that goes.

      The person is asking $4k for this car thinking that is an OK price for a 6 speed manual but was going to try and get it for $3500. I am not sure if that is a good deal bad deal or normal as the prices of these cars are a bit all over.

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      I have not had much luck on junkyard parts for my C30. There were not a ton of these sold to begin with. Maybe other model Volvo seats fit. You could just buy new seat covers OEM or custom leather - there are a few sources online for that.


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      I would recommend just changing the seat covers. Getting the power seats to work likely involves loading software and still may not be compatible with the CEM. Also, there are weight sensors in the seats for the airbag system that would need to be re-calibrated. In either case, disconnect the battery before removing a seat. Otherwise you will end up with stored SRS codes or possibly deploy an airbag (not that I've heard of it happening).
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