04 V70 with AW 55-50 trans
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      04 V70 with AW 55-50 trans

      Car has 225k miles and has been properly maintained. I was having the typical shift issues, so flush the trans last summer. Now it's starting again. I've heard replacing 3 solenoids on the valve body, flush again, then have dealer reset and update software will fix it. With 225k miles on it, is it worth it? How long could I expect to get out of the trans?

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      Quote Originally Posted by JKRayl View Post
      How long could I expect to get out of the trans?
      120 to 200,000 miles - You are lucky, must have driven gently and changed the transmission fluid with the correct fluid regularly. Solenoids might fix it, a valve body might fix it, or new clutches in the trans might fix it - You will get success, partial success (that's mine w/valve body) and nightmare stories -

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