Is it Possible to Negotiate a Better Price than A-Plan?
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      Is it Possible to Negotiate a Better Price than A-Plan?

      I'm curious how many folks have negotiated a better price than the Volvo A-Plan? When this happens, do you even use the A-Plan during the buying process?
      Dave in VA

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      Is it Possible to Negotiate a Better Price than A-Plan?

      I have negotiated an A plan further. And did get a little more on top of that.

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      Incentives and loyalty discounts, if any, can be added on top of the A-Plan for a larger overall discount. It just depends what is being offered at the time and whether you (or a family member) qualify for other discounts.
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      I've just worked my way up from looking at a 2017 V90 CC to looking at 2018/2019 models that were CPO, to finally trying to work a deal on a 2020.

      I was able to negotiate down to the A-level/invoice on the truly new 2020s that I found.

      But to get anything below that, I had to look at service loaners which I found were significantly discounted. A bit of apples and oranges to compare a truly new vehicle to a 2020 that has the warranty punched and a few thousand miles on it, but it seems the best way to get a current year model without taking the 10% depreciation hit from driving a new vehicle off the lot.

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