My 2004 S60R
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    Thread: My 2004 S60R

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      My 2004 S60R

      I recently just purchased a 2004 Manual Volvo s60r with 96K miles. The cars in pretty good shape all around unfortunately no body kit but I am looking around for one especially if it’s black, but right now not a priority.

      As everyone with the M66 does I am going to drop the transmission soon and am going to replace the slave cylinder, clutch, flywheel, and pressure plate. Anyone have any other minor things I should replace while the transmission is out?

      Or if you have any suggestions just based off things that should be replaced at around 100K that isn’t related to the transmission.

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      Just make sure you order new flywheel bolts if they don't come with the new clutch and flywheel.

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      Motor mounts, they're quite a job if done alone. Subframe bushings, wish I would've done them when I did my clutch.

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      Re- seal on the angle gear.

      Maybe the inner CV boots too

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      Drivers side axle seal

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