2003 s60 T5 - 5 Speed - Clutch is "vague"
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      2003 s60 T5 - 5 Speed - Clutch is "vague"

      I have a 2003 s60 t5 with the 5 speed spaceball shifter. It has a tune installed, but no other mods. I purchased it about a year ago, and from day 1 of my acquisition, the clutch-throttle feel has been lacking. I've driven manual shifts my entire life, and have never had a car more difficult to feel the engagement point.

      When I go from driving my 2006 Miata directly to the s60, I will almost always wither slip the clutch too much, or under-rev and kill it.

      There just seems to be a lack of "feel" or feedback from the clutch, if that makes sense.

      So, is this something wrong with my specific car, or does this sound familiar to other P2 5-speed owners?

      My BCR tune supposedly boosts the HP up to 290+/-, but she is driven pretty gently.

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      My 2005 S60 2.5T has an automatic transmission, so I have no experience with your particular clutch. Given the age of the car, I would suspect that the hydraulic clutch has air in the working fluid, and/or worn hydraulic cylinders, and possibly a flexible hose that is deteriorated.

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      See as above in the first place. You may also ask on european forums, where manual transmissions are very common. The slave cylinder gives up on these and usually both the clutch and flywheel get replaced (engine out job). Some will then install single mass flywheel to save money. Possible such or similar setup, or even a non genuine setup to affect the feeling. But even with genuine, while information is rather scarce, I think to remember one or two drive test reviews mentioning the clutch pedal in some way. And especially if you compare it to the Miata one, then the difference may be even more obvious

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