Hilton stage 2 tune sometimes blows breather off valve cover
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      Hilton stage 2 tune sometimes blows breather off valve cover

      Just as the title states. Its not all the time, but on the way home I gave it the beans and it felt a bit quicker than usual and I came home and popped the hood and *bam* the breaker hose is popped off. Pcv system is new, port in oil pan and cylinder block is clean. Just got Vida today, anything I should look at? Anything I can do to keep the hose on there? I was thinking of getting creative with a grinder or dremel, i noticed the "nipple" is kinda tapered, so it just pops on and off, if you keep tightening the hose clamp on there, it can either tear the hose itself or just inches its way up the nipple. I guess i'll give it a shot tomorrow. I dont notice any blowby at idle (leaving the oil cap off and seeing if it creates pressure)
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      Two things

      Are you missing the clamp on that hose?

      When was the last time the PCV was serviced?
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      Yes, there is a clamp there. PCV was serviced less than 10k ago with IPDs "full kit". I made sure to remove the oil pan and clean the passages also. I just removed the PTC and its completely clear so i took it upon myself to enlarge the orifice from 6.75mm to 8mm in hopes that may alleviate any pressure buildup. I am also running a baffled mishimoto catch can. Checked the catch can after reassembly and theres only a minimal amount of oil in there. We shall see.
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