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    View Poll Results: Would be interested to see how many of the Volvos in our section are leased and how many are owned(f

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    • Owned (Financed)

      28 87.50%
    • Leased

      4 12.50%
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      Junior Member 855RI's Avatar
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      Apr 2014
      Rhode Island
      Leased - wanted to buy a 60 series but the deal was too great on a lease for the 90 to pass.
      2yr/20k lease on 2020 S90 R-D with P* (MSRP something like $56k)

      I drive less than the mileage allotment and switch cars often so it was fine. I can also purchase at the end if I so chose. Sort of a unique model now since 2020 is first year of USDM R-Design on the S90, last year before the refresh, and last year with no speed limiter (before the tuning folks make that a non-issue).

      Probably will take advantage of the 6-9mo pull ahead that is quite often offered by Volvo and get into something like a V or CC model, or gasp, maybe even an XC.
      Current: 2000 V70R, 2020 S90 T6 R-Design P*
      Past: 1997 850R, 1997 850, 1996 850 Turbo
      Other: 2013 Acura TSX
      Retired: 2018 GMC Terrain, 2012 VW Jetta, 2010 VW Passat, 2007 Honda Accord, 2000 Ford Ranger, 1997 Pontiac Firebird
      IG: swedesteeds

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      Jan 2018
      Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY
      2018 V90 T6 AWD Inspiration, maple brown, Polestar. Factory order. Owned, but not financed. I wrote a check.

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      Junior Member mattlach's Avatar
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      Jun 2013
      Boston, MA
      Quote Originally Posted by pocholin View Post
      However, better rotors have better resistance to this "baking" effect. I've had the same issues with GM vehicles (Suburban, Impala SS and Corvette), as soon as I replaced rotors with aftermarket, the issues went away for ever...and I didn't have to change my driving habits.
      I've typically seen it solved with different pad materials, like ceramic pads.

      Rotors are usually all more or less the same mild steel. Using rotors slots and vent holes can help keep them cooler and minimize these issues too, but they have issues of their own.

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      Apr 2018
      Harrison, Maine
      Quote Originally Posted by GTIGuy View Post
      Owned - paid cash.

      I’ve never leased a vehicle and never will. Our last three vehicles we paid for with cash over the past decade. We decided a while ago to stop borrowing money.
      In 1976 my job moved overseas and remained there for several years. I knew I was going to need a car when I eventually returned to the US so I started a separate bank account and put in a "car payment" every month, essentially paying the car loan interest to myself. When I finally returned in 1985 I used that money to pay cash for a car. I've managed to stay ahead of the curve ever since and have paid cash ever since.

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      Jan 2013
      Owned 2017 S90, not financed. Bought a 9 month old car at a dealer and saved big vs. buying a new one.

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      Mar 2017
      Milwaukee, WI
      Owned. As I ordered an overseas delivery, enough glitches were happening in the processing that there was no way that I would encourage another with financing or loans. Cash was the safest/cleanest bet plus I always felt confident in my choices.
      2005 XC 70
      2017 V60 R
      2020 V90 R
      2004 Jaguar XKR

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