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    Thread: Wifi Updates

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      Wifi Updates

      Finally, have a garage and can now connect to my home wifi for updates. Obviously can't leave the car in the garage with the engine running to complete these so how is this best done? How long can you leave the car on without running the battery down? Even with connection to my wifi, the car's wifi is very slow.
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      As I know, updates are not so big sized. So you may use your phone as a hotspot? I'm using like that all the time, so spotify connects itself which means more quality sound, traffic info and weather is online and fast also.

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      Of course it all depends on the size of the map and the speed of the internet. If it's just a small upgrade, you can download it WiFi.
      But if it's 10GB or more it's best via USB stick
      Of course in addition to downloading the map installation depends on the size, it can be a few minutes to several hours depending on maps size (200MB up to 51GB)

      If you still want to do it in the car, I recommend the CTEK battery charger
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      AFAIK the update can be downloaded fairly quickly. It's the installation that takes longer. Therefore when an update is available I most probably download it when at home and drive myself to work or wherever leaving the installation to complete. The good thing is that the installation can pause when you leave the car, so you can resume it later.
      I never had to wait for the installation to complete longer than a day. (home to work / to home ~ 30mins).
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