i have a low miles 2.0t 180hp well i have purchased a td04-19 (has a 13 or 14 now)

a Mamba adjustable turbo actuator

stainless steel dual exit catless exhaust with a silencer on the left and none on the right with a electronic valve system so the exhaust is normally routed through the silencer but with the valve opened (kickdown or button) it is routed through the silencer and the straight pipe

hybrid blow off valve (recirculates some air)

vxr 2.0 injectors

WOT box launch control

large front mount intercooler

boost controller

yeah so the plan is install all of this (aleady ordered)

i will then do a poly bush set around the whole car,i buy the stiffening kit for the factory strut brace then i will add a extra one that sits behind the stock one then i will also do the rear

stick some decent brakes on it and some good tyres then go for a remap and tune to get everything working correctly

what i want to know is what sort of power am i looking at?im seeing 250hp and 360nm but this is only with a exhaust and filter kit so with me adding so much extra and being able to add more fuel and boost could i push it to the 300hp mark? or even close? tbh im not worrying about the engine not lasting long as i have a low miles 2.5t engine sitting from my other car that was vandalised. i just want to see how far i can push the 2.0t then i will put the 2.5 t in the car and with these mods i have been told i could see 400hp with the mods ive just listed

if anyone is interested in a build thread with pictures let me know! when i receive all off my parts i mean all of them i will fit it all through the space of a week i may even do a video

oil catch can system