XC60 D4 awd 2017(New model) performance loss & high fuel consumption
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      XC60 D4 awd 2017(New model) performance loss & high fuel consumption

      There was an electrical issue with my car and it was at the service for 30 days. All of the system raveled out etc. Anyway problem solved, it was a tiny cable behind the mirror. After ı take the car back, now I noticed that fuel consumption is 10lt/100km (28 mpg) and 0-100km acceleration is 10/11 sec (even at polestar mode)! İsnt something wrong? Could it be a software issue or something mechanic. Car km is 63.000.

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      The place to begin is to go back to the repair shop, and give them a letter in writing documenting the new problems you are seeing. As a first step, you would like them to put in writing how they determined the electrical cable issue? What tests were done? Were other repairs attempted before the cable problem was discovered? Ask to see any VIDA reports captured. Also, ask them to put in writing what was going on for the 30 days, why so long?

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