steering moving back and forth when idle in gear
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      steering moving back and forth when idle in gear


      today i noticed if i have my car in drive or reverse,if i put my finger on the wheel slightly turning left or right i mean just the slightest ammount of pressure with one finger you can feel and see the steering wheel move left and right like pulsating!

      i am also having a belt squeek issue not a slip but a squeek could this be the sighn of a faulty power steering pump or warped pulley? there is no issues when driving and if you dont touch the wheel when sitting still the car tracks straight and everything although there is a dead spot and a balljoint needing replaced (same issue) could this be the cause just the fact theres play and the power steering moving against the loose part if you get what i mean

      sorry crap at explaining stuff

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      its starting to get dangerous now when im going round a roundabout the steering is impossible to keep smooth its jerking back and forward

      could this be related to a belt squeek im hearing?(not a belt slip) it sounds the same as when i had a bent pulley on my vauxhall astra

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      That may be an issue with the steering pump. Start by replacing it with a used unit from a later year - not worth getting a new or refurb one, a used should be fine. May as well make sure you have the green pentosin fluid

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