Pulsing under load question
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      Pulsing under load question

      Infrequent poster here and 100% dealer maintained 2007-V70R. I have a new issue that's popped up where I have a strange pulsing under heavy load. Here in Colorado, pulling up I70, we put a solid demand on our turbo. At speed and under load, the engine seems to pulse on and off power almost as if something is holding back the turbo. I've read horror stories about cracked blocks/cylinder walls, leaking coolant etc.

      Could any surmise what might be occurring or what I might expect?

      BTW, I have the an IPD tune from 2016, otherwise all else is stock and perfectly scheduled maintenance.


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      Junior Member b5v6's Avatar
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      Could be a vacuum leak with turbo control valve, had similar experience with my Audi, if I understand what you're describing.

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      First thing to check if turbo control valve is original. If that thing is acting up, power will be miserable. TCVs last 100k miles give or take. Mine went at 125k miles. From what I recall, there was no CEL and no codes, car did not produce power and king of hesitated. If you have a friend with R near by, try his/her TCV.
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      I have been using this one since mine went out.


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      Quote Originally Posted by Rodtheviking View Post
      I have been using this one since mine went out.

      this is the correct part number for a P2R

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