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      Keep rockin' the V90 pride. I'm jealous. I had wanted a V90 when we were down to picking between a SPA XC90 and V90CC (at the time we were getting ready to place our TDS order for summer 2017 the pure V90 wasn't a choice yet). T8 swung the pendulum over to the XC as well. I don't regret the choice - we're loving our T8 and it keeps up with needs, but I do have V90 envy.

      I grew up in a 240DL wagon and learned to drive it too (with plenty of off-road adventures and my dad frequently wondered why it was always muddy). Great cars and great fun to rally eh drive
      2005 Boxster - EuroDelivery Atlas Grey (Street: Boxster S 18"/Track: Cayman S 18")
      2010 XC90 3.2 R-Design AWD - OSD Ice White (Winter: Vulcanis 19"/Summer & Off-Road: Panacea 18")
      2017 XC90 T8 R-Design eAWD - OSD (Pole✦ envy) Passion Red (Vision|Convenience|B&W|Climate|HUD|Air 4C|Lighted Running Boards|Tow|Center Booster|iPad|Protective Plate...) w/ChargePoint Home
      Sold in 2018: 2001 V40 1.9T - OSD Atlantic Blue (Summer: Galactica 16"/Winter: Spectra 15")

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      Quote Originally Posted by hackR View Post
      .....sigh.....just ripped VanHalen 1 to flac in remembrance...B&W and VH1...surreal...
      Thanks for the idea! I followed suit and learned that:

      - The HK system is way better than I gave it credit for based on listening to Spotify (even oh highest settings)
      - I need more FLAC music!

      So yeah, thanks for opening my eyes to the joys of really nice sound

      2020 V60CC
      2014 XC60 T6 Sport Pkg
      (RIP) 2008 C30 v1 Manual

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      I got your wagon competitive vibe right here...
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