whine/whistle on 1st gear
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      whine/whistle on 1st gear


      I am a new Volvo S80 2007 2.5T AT transmission (p3 platform) owner for a bout one month car have 125000 km with very good service record.
      There is one thing that bother me and I would like some help from some experienced owners.

      On frist gear only there is a slight high pitch whining until it shift to second gear.
      I did transmission flush of the oil in a Volvo experienced garage (not a dealer but service only Volvo cars) and it is still there.
      The garage guy took it to a ride and told me all sound ok. (I didn't asked him to listen particularly to the first gear)
      Later on I had engine warmer installed by Volvo dealer and I asked them also to listen to the first gear after installation and the guy told me it is a normal whine.
      My friend that is also a mechanic don't think it is normal but it is his word against 2 Volvo mechanics.
      The sound come around 1600 rpm and around 15-20km/h as after the gear change and its gone.
      On the S80 facebook group some claim it normal some say not.
      Gears a re shifts with no any problems, no delay up or down shifting. If i put the car on manual mode and start drive on second gear no any whine.
      I noticed also a slight whining on 6th gear on speed around 80-90km/h on the high way (hardly can hear such whine) it is also around 1600rpm. when accelerating the 6th gear get above 80km/h so you can't hear it but if you cruise on the high way and go down slowly towards 80 km/h it can be heard but just when I press the pedal slightly. if I pick my leg from the pedal it disappear.
      My Volvo mechanic that change the gear box oil mentioned to me on the phone when I asked him if he paid attention to the whine on 1st gear that it common to have it one the first gear but he also mentioned without I asked that some have also slight whining on 80-90km/h.

      I add a video link for the first gear whine when I put the car on manual 1st and recorded it. I must say that in the video it sound a bit worth than real life as the gear will change much before to second on D position but I just did it so you can hear how it sound.

      The car have NO any towing behind so the transmission never had any stress than regular drive.
      I read some say 1st gear is cut off gear and whining can happen.
      What do you think?

      Thanks in advanced.

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      My 2005 S60 2.5T, with 125,000 miles, or 200,000 Km, also has an automatic transmission, very likely manufactured by the same Japanese company, Aisin, as the transmission in your car. My transmission does not whine in any gear. However, I can't say that the sound you are hearing is evidence of any defect. It probably won't go away, and it may not get any worse, over time.

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      I am attaching an article on how automatic transmissions work.

      The whining sound is definitely abnormal, and indicates excess friction in 1st gear (also 6th). This could be a sign that the oil pressure is inadequate at some gear interface,
      or a band is not clamping firmly enough (again from too low hydraulic pressure). If any oil path is blocked, or partially occluded, the transmission will not operate correctly.

      Abnormal friction should not be allowed to continue, as it will wear down the metal parts and that will destroy the tranny.

      I would take it to a few reputable automatic transmission specialty shops for estimate. You can send them your video in advance to get feedback.


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      Before 1970, approximately, gear whine was normal and expected in many vehicles. It was pretty much eliminated when the manufacturing process was changed, and improved. The shape of the teeth was modified, and gears got much quieter. At one time, reverse gear was still machined the old way, which was likely less expensive, and you had to put up with gear whine when the car was in reverse.

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