Another Polestar question
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      Another Polestar question

      Is the increased Hp and Tq of the Polestar tune only evident when the "Polestar" mode is selected or does that only change the shift points?
      In other words, is the increase in the Hp and Tq always there in all drive modes?

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      all drive modes are changed, its almost like they are all moved up one if that makes sense, eco drives a bit closer to comfort, comfort will drive closer to dynamic, dynamic will see the biggest change

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      Power should be the same in all modes but I’m assuming it’ll be quicker in Polestar mode largely due to sharper throttle tuning and quicker, less-slushy shifts and probably higher shift points in the more sporting mode. You’ll have the same power in either mode but the rest of the car will be sharper instead of delivering optimal smoothness when you switch between modes.
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