S60: Timing belt tracking off after new belt?
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      S60: Timing belt tracking off after new belt?

      I have just replaced the timing belt, idler and tensioner pulley on my 2008 Volvo S60. However, I noticed that the new belt is tracking straight, but on the inner edge of the gears towards to the engine instead of riding at the center of the cam gears.

      I have a tried adjusting the tensioner to see if it had any influence on the belt's position, but nothing changed. The original Volvo belt (Gates) was centered on the cam gears.

      Is this normal when installing new belt, idler and tensioner pulley? Could it be that all newer belts initially run closer toward the engine than the old belts?

      Another thing, how much should the tensioner arm move when the endine is idling?
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      Which brand is the tensioner or the belt kit ? My feeling is a less good quality tensioner - including not adjusting it correctly or overtightening the bolt (15ft-lb) can cause either belt running on the edge of the cam gears or waving, or shaking tensioner needle. When everything is set correctly with quality tensioner, the belt should indeed run almost on the center of the cam gears without any side movement and the tens needle is perfectly stable. Also, if the belt is installed without removing the crank pulley - and it's got twisted with force when passing it, it may damage the fibers inside. Also, less probable just make sure you got the correct tensioner model for the mid2004-2009 engines

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      A small amount of movement in the tensioner arm at idle is normal from what I've observed. If it's moving erratically, that could be a problem.
      If the belt is closer to the inner or outer edge of the pulleys, that's not necessarily a problem. As long as it's not over the edge or moving around, I wouldn't worry about it.
      Typically the belts ride on the outer edge of the cam gears if not perfectly centered. Do you have a picture of it?

      What brand belt and tensioner did you install?
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