Cabin noise?
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    Thread: Cabin noise?

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      Cabin noise?

      Is there anyway to make my cabin quieter on my 2012 Volvo S60 t5 and what I mean by quieter is wind noise. I have a whistle noise coming from my driver side near window area and when I got about 50mph it makes a whistle noise?

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      I have a ton of road and wind noise in my 2011. I’ve had modest success replacing some of the weatherstripping but it has been expensive yet without substantial improvements.
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      Maybe you could check to see if your doors are aligned properly and close flush. Weather stripping is no use if it's not sealed completely. Do the dollar bill test.

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      Volvo's built since year 2000 are full of computers and electronic control circuits and the windows are no exception. If the window does not go all the way up, and touch the rubber seals, there will be considerable wind noise when the car is driven above 35 mph. Try cycling the window up and down, and see if that helps reduce the wind noise.

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