"Leather Upholstery" option on the 2019 S90 T5 Momentum
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      "Leather Upholstery" option on the 2019 S90 T5 Momentum

      So I recently got a used 2019 T5 Momentum S90 and was aware that by going with this model year in this configuration it would default to "leatherette" seating surface which I could live with. However, I was able to order a Moroney Label which showed the exact packages this car came with and I was surprised to see it had a leather upholstery option (something I didn't think could be ordered on a T5 Momentum) that originally costs $1,400! While I am pleased with this I am just wondering what grade/type of leather they used for this package. It doesn't seem to equip anything else and it's not perforated like that of the Inscription trim so I'm not so sure it's Nappa leather. Then again it's weird they would even offer what is essentially a third option for seating materials when they could just make the perforated leather from the Inscription part of this $1,400 option. Another reason I was surprised to see this option is that it was a rental car in its previous life. It's a a very good looking grain with a satin appearance and feel (if that makes any sense) buy not particularly breathable. Anyways, just curious if any one else has this configuration and/or knows about this package?

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      This may help... ref: Page 25 of the North American brochure...
      Leatherette appears to be the base T5 seat covering, Charcoal leather is standard in T6 and T8- optional T5. The perforated Nappa Leather is standard in the Inscription (pg 26).


      UPHOLSTERIESComfortSeat(Standard)1.CharcoalLeatheretteinCharcoalInterior,RD00 2.CharcoalLeatherinCharcoalInterior,RA00(StandardT6a ndT8, optionalT5) 3.MaroonBrownLeatherinCharcoalInterior,RA30 4.AmberLeatherinCharcoalInterior,RA20 5.BlondLeatheretteinBlond/CharcoalInterior, UE00 6. Blond Leather in Blond/Charcoal Interior, UA00 (Standard T6 and T8, optional T5) 7. Dark Flame Birch Wood Inlay, 458 (Standard)

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