I知 trying to decide between a 2021 T8 Inscription, gray with charcoal interior and the light wood trim vs a 2020 T8 momentum, black with all black interior. I love a black car and have always had black cars, but I値l be the first to admit that I知 horrible at keeping them clean, so they usually look a little beat up.

My thinking is the darker gray might give me the black car feel, but not look so bad when it痴 not clean, but I知 a little worried about the lighter colored wood inside. If you have this, how has it held up? How easy is it to clean? We have two young kids, dogs and lots of home improvement projects, so our car gets a lot of hard use! I have a T6 with the dark lacquered wood and it looks great, but I worry the different finish combined with a lighter wood.

Would love to hear from any who might have experience with this.