Replaced HID headlamp & ballast and got error message
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      Replaced HID headlamp & ballast and got error message

      Hey Peeps,

      I installed one used HID / adaptive headlight and ballast because mine was ruined from condensation (2012 s60). I'm now getting an error message on the dashboard which states HEADLAMP FAILURE. SERVICE REQUIRED.

      The replacement headlamp light *is* working.

      Does anyone know a way around this? Is this a calibration issue?

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      Try to reset the codes with Vida or Vdash. If there is nothing else wrong with head lights it will work after reset.
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      If parts were new, you will need to have Programmed. Likely its not working properly if there is an error displayed. Headlight may "light up" but the Active Bending feature will not work until programmed.
      If parts were used, still possible they need to be programmed to your vehicle. Also if used, you may just have a bad headlight or module.
      Only way to know for certain is to get a VIDA scan and read what the faults are. Many times moisture in headlight will ruin the module and corrode connectors so if you transferred the module, I would inspect the connector for corrosion.
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      Thanks for your thoughts guys!

      Yes parts are used.

      Module was also replaced with replacement (used) light assembly.

      Unfortunately I dont have the car anywhere near me right now or I would use my Autoenginuity software. Im asking for a friend with ZERO mechanical skills. That they could get the light nd module on is a miracle.

      Is VIDA a windows-based program? Where is a good place to buy it? I can ask my friend if he is willing to try that route.

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      I swapped out an assembly as well, used for used and had no codes.

      Looks like there might be something wrong with the lamp itself... does it move up, down, left and right (assuming you have ABL)? Does the bi-xenon solenoid flip open when the high beams are flashed? Do the lights appear level with each other?

      Check beyond just the bulbs being operational.

      VIDA is free (on here). A DiCE unit is not. Your friend is going to have to order one off eBay/Aliexpress. They will run around $80-100 generally. The VIDA software is not very intuitive, but there a few threads on here about some of the submenus.
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