2 Car Garage, 3 Cars, which would you garage for the Winter?
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      2 Car Garage, 3 Cars, which would you garage for the Winter?


      After moving in May, we are preparing for our first winter with a garage. It's not heated, but shares a wall and a door with the rest of the house, so chances are it will at least be a little warmer than outside.

      My Fiance is excited about this potential, of being able to get into a warmer car in the winter.

      So, we have three cars.

      Fiance's car: 2007 Prius with about 85k miles on it. I've been trying to convince her to upgrade (maybe a nice CPO Volvo) but she really likes her tin can, so I am working on her.

      My daily driver: 2017 S90 T6, 20k miles.

      My Backup/Hauling car: 2000 Volvo V70 Base model with ~80k miles on it.

      So I am trying to decide which cars get to be garaged in the winter, and which one gets the cold shoulder.

      Obviously, while I'd love to leave the Toyota in the snow, the Fiance's car gets one of the slots, because she dislikes the cold more than I do.

      So, the remaining slot goes to either the newish S90, or the oldish V70.

      So what car would benefit better from staying out of the cold? A newer car that is nice and shiny and I'd like to keep that way, or an older car which may need more help staying in good shape?

      Appreciate any thoughts about what you would do!

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      I'm afraid I would leave the V70 outside most of the time. As much as I liked our '04 V70, I'm sorry to say that
      The daily drivers should be dry and "warm" in the mornings, IMO...one of the main reasons for having a garage in Boston.
      BTW, it was 99F here early this week; so winter isn't really on our minds just yet.
      Enjoy your garage!!!
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      Put all the cars outside and fill the garage with Pinball machines.

      At least, that is what I did.
      2005 V70 T5
      2005 V50 T5

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      Keep the awd outside! They are just cars. Safety first.

      XC70|D5|AWD|GT6|MY11|Polestar|IPD SWAY|

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      That's kind of a no brainer - the 20 year old V70 stays out. It's the least valuable one and will probably fair the best being left out.
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