Sticky Sunroof on ‘08 V70
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      Sticky Sunroof on ‘08 V70

      Sunroof on my 2008 V70 seems to be getting hung up on the right rear edge when opening — not dropping down and under the roof smoothly as it should, but rather resisting momentarily then dropping down with a clunk.

      I’m guessing this is a lubrication issue, but I can’t quite see what’s getting hung up where. It’s only on the one side, and there is no visible damage to the roof, moving panel or frame.

      Any ideas?


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      There are 4 bolts that attach the sunroof glass pane to the moving frame. You have to remove the plastic bellows to get at these bolts....on a 12-year old car, these bellows will be fragile and break apart during removal, so order replacements. Just loosen the 4 bolts enough to be able to adjust the might luck out and a small adjustment will fix it!

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      I used some vaseline to lubricate the seal on the rear of the sunroof. I had the same issue with my S80, my dad's S80, my old S40 and my XC70
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