How slow is slow?
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      How slow is slow?

      Some of you have posted on here about the speed, or lack of, of the 218HP C70. I'm curious as to how slow "slow" is? Do you mean that it's relatively slow when compared to a muscle car like the Mustang or a more performance oriented car like a BMW 300 series? Or just downright slow? I had a '94 850 5 speed, non-turbo, and was happy with the speed and acceleration of that. is the C70 6 speed manual as fast as that? Will I be able to pass someone in front of me who is doing 55 mph easily with a C70 6 speed manual? I don't need push-your-back-to-the-seat fast, but do need to know that passing the person in front of me is effortless, if need be. Or getting off the ramp on to the highway.

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      Re: How slow is slow? (basirico)

      I test drove an automatic C70, which didn't accelerate the quickest, and an S40 with the same manual transmission as is in the manual C70. The manual was much quicker, even though I know the C70 is heavier. I'm actually selling a Mustang, because, well, I don't feel the need to burn rubber anymore, plus the noise was getting to me. I also test drove the BMWs, but preferred the styling of the C70. I'm sure you will be able to pass people, I don't think it's downright slow. But plenty of people here seem to feel the need to bash it while seemingly having no interest in actually buying one.

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      Re: How slow is slow? (basirico)

      I think it's just a matter of expectations. If are used to driving high performance vehicles and get a rush from them, then the C70 will be disappointing. A lot of guys just like fast, powerful cars and have higher expectations for each new vehicle being released.

      In your case, if you were satisfied with your non-turbo 850 (168HP), you would be more than happy with the C70's performance.

      Disclaimer: I'm not speaking from experience, as I have not driven the new C70.


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      Re: How slow is slow? (basirico)

      I've had my car two months now and the acceleration with the 6MT seems fine. C & D mag just did a short take on the C70 MT- 15.9 qtr mile, 0.85 g w/ 18", 163' braking from 70mph. This is my first turbo, but it seems that if you downshift, keep the rpm's above 2500 and this car has no problem passing.
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      Re: How slow is slow? (Stuvo)

      I have a C70 T5 6MT. And yes, it's fast! 0-62mph in 7.05s. You don't have to shift down when you pass someone.

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      Re: How slow is slow? (T5_awd)

      I spent some time in the local dealers demo...(cuz it was an hour to closing, and my car wasn't out of the shop yet).

      They let me drive it (an automatic)...I thought it was pretty darn good...certainly not slow....good acceleration. I'd like to see someone install the 4.4 V8 in there....that would be fast..

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      Re: How slow is slow? (nobbe3728)

      The actual questions should be:
      1- is the new C70, with its 218 LPT engine, faster than the old C70, accelerates better, drives smoother?
      2- how come Volvo put a 218 hp engine in the new C70, compared to the 236/242 hp engine in the original C70 (HPT, of course)? Isn't it odd to "regress" in power? The new C70 is practically the same size than the old one...
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      Re: How slow is slow? (LucasC70)

      1 the new C70 drives ALOT better than the old one did.
      Its slower than the HPT, quicker than the LPT.

      2 the new C70 has alot more features than the old car had.
      Folding metal roof, xenons, Nav etc. Something had to give to keep it in the same price ballpark.

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      Re: How slow is slow? (basirico)

      Quote, originally posted by basirico »
      I'm curious as to how slow "slow" is?


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      It all depends on your expectations. I for one like lots of power and the C70 was a huge disappointment on a test drive even though I love the the styling and hardtop. Now I am waiting for the BMW 335 next spring before I make my final decision but with test numbers for the coupe at 4.9-5.1 seconds to 60mph the decision is probably already made.

      From your post it sounds like the power of the C70 will be adequate. Best bet is to test drive one and then you will know for sure.

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      I know I have an 850 non turbo wagon and an XC70, the C70 was great, tons of power--but then again have never had a "fast" car. I do know my old toyota 4runenr was too slow...the C70 is great for me.

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