S60 starting problems
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      S60 starting problems

      I’m having starting problems on my 2002 S60 (manual transmission). Symptoms – turn the key (of course with the clutch depressed) and nothing happens; no sound, no cranking, nothing besides some dash lights. After a couple of tries, it starts right up. This is an intermittent problem, so Murphy dictated it would not be reproduced at dealership, and there were no fault codes. Last week, they replaced clutch interlock but unfortunately it did not fix the problem. I notice that it usually occurs when I drive some, stop for a short time, then come back. Anybody with similar problems that were resolved?? Thank you in advance. I'm back to the dealership tomorrow.

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      Re: S60 starting problems (samulsoon_0503)

      I have had this happen to my car. I have an automatic/Geartronic. My car wouldnt turn over at all! but dash lights were there...... The switch the made my car know it was in Park(sorry I dont know the exact name of it), was acting up on me and making the car think it wasnt in park. Perhaps same type of switch but your car thinks that the clutch isnt engaged......... I put my car in drive and then back in park, and problem solved....... I hope it is something simple like that for your car! Good luck!

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      Re: S60 starting problems (ElakT5)

      The dealership found an antenna ring in the ignition that was not behaving properly (although it did not give any fault codes). Apparently this antenna transmits information from the chip in the key - maybe somebody out there knows more about the component. Only time will tell if this fixed the starting problem or not.

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