Future manual swaps in the s60r
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      Future manual swaps in the s60r

      Hey guys im looking into the future since ill be keeping this car for a very long time. I was wondering if a manual swap is possible in the R. Is it just a matter of swapping transmissions then retrofitting all the mechanical parts or does it require a manual ecu? I know people do manual swaps all the time at VS and TB.

      Thanks for the info

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      Re: Future manual swaps in the s60r (p0cket penguins)

      Some previous thoughts on swaps though going the other way.


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      The auto does have an extra ECU module next to the main one... prolly wrong terminology but you know what I mean

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      Most of the 850 guys do swaps because it wasn't available state-side. I can't imagine the amount of work and pain it would be to try to do a swap on the S60R... it'd be a whole hell of a lot easier to just buy another R w/ a manual.

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      Re: Future manual swaps in the s60r (p0cket penguins)

      Anything is possible if you want to spend the $$$$$ on it. Personally, I'd suggest just buying yourself a new R instead of putting the cash toward a tranny swap.


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      Re: Future manual swaps in the s60r (Sue Esponte)

      Yes, that sounds more reasonable and cost effective.
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