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      Audio Forum FAQs

      We are going to try and organize some FAQs. Post recommended links and I'll come back through this thread regularly and clean-up & organize.Thanks!
      iMIV iPod Video Aux In adapters for MELBUS head units (non-MOST 2000-2009 head units):
      iMIV Original Thread - from the beginning
      iMIV and new iPods (iPhone)

      P2 Generation (2001-2007)
      Upgrading or Replacing a MELBUS Head Unit in a 2000-2009 P2 Volvo
      S60 Door Panel Removal
      P2 V70 Aftermarket Stereo Installation Article
      ss60's how to install an iPod, an OEM look screen, and a Garmin GVN-53 GPS
      LloydDobler's excellent P2 V70 aftermarket HU & speaker install
      10 Disc CD changer into a 2004 V70
      Removing & Replacing P2 speakers
      Replacing the laser light in a Volvo DVD Drive
      Steering Wheel Controls; Dietz Adapters

      The USA Spec PA11-VOL Install on an S60R

      The USA Spec PA11-VOL demo on an S60R

      Gen 1 (1998-2000)
      Jim Rothe's Volvo / Dynaudio Audio System Upgrade for the S70

      XC90 (2003-2014)
      XC90 Double-DIN stereo install with InCartec adapters
      XC90 Custom Stereo Part 1
      XC90 Custom Stereo Part 2
      Custom Garmin install in XC90 OEM navigation pod
      XC90 OEM Subwoofer w/ Versatility package
      1. Part # 9155244, Product #177385-001 Wiring Harness
      2. Part # 8682090, Product #189174-001, Loudspeaker Kit

      HU & Connector Pin Assignments
      HU-4XX, HU-6XX and HU-8XX Connectors

      HID/PWM issue DIY fix for BOW (Bulb Out Warning), flickering, and poor starting

      FM Modulators and Antennas
      General iPod adapter install overview
      VW Phatbox Transplant into a Volvo S80 (How To)

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      2007 xc90 v8 aux connection to dynaudio head unit

      hi all. New to Volvo and to the whole forum. Love the car and can't wait to drive it at every opportunity. Just purchased our used volvo a few weeks ago 100,000km old from Sydney Australia. Drove it back to Adelaide where I live. Was disappointed to see there wasn't a usb connector in the glovebox for audio. Hardly any reception home on a 1700km journey. Through the heart of Australia, So had to rely on a few CDs we purchased along the way to add to the 6 stacker.

      Anyway I've checked out several posts about modding the fm gear in the back of the car to a earphone jack to connect to my phones music. Finally mustered up the courage to start it and found there isn't anything in the roof lining at the rear of the car other than the interior light. What the! Am i in the right spot or is it somewhere else in my car? If at all?

      Any help would be great. Am already being ridiculed by my peers for buying a volvo and got to set the record straight. Owned toyotas holdens and mazdas. The swedes seem to make a great car with great support from sites like this.

      Also awesome site swedespeed!

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      Why are all the links I need to click on dead?

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