how much trouble is it to change front bumper cover?
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      how much trouble is it to change front bumper cover?

      I got backed into a couple of weeks ago, the guys ins. is going to send me a check for the amount Volvo qouted me to replace the part. Labor charges of $168 an hour seems crazy, and they said it would take 2 hours. I think i could do it myself in less than 2 hours, and just use the cash for other mods. Has anyone done this, how long did it take, and did it require any special tools? thanks

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      Re: how much trouble is it to change front bumper cover? (jlemly)

      I am told 15 minutes with a butterknife and standard grade tools.
      I plan to remove it next week......

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      hmm...since i just had mine on and off this past weekend, and then again on tuesday night, i can tell you its actually pretty easy.

      There are a total of:

      6 X pushpins up top
      2 X pushpins from underneath (1 on each side)
      2 X screws (from within wheel well)
      2 X bolts (one on each side of bumper underneath plastic strips)

      i suggest looking up the actual instructions on VADIS if you have access, because it makes it easy.

      i did it by myself, but the reinstallation is MUCH easier with two people.

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      Re: (phuz)

      Doug made it pretty clear here:

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