S40/V50 Technical Information, How-To, DIY, FAQ, and More
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      Question S40/V50 Technical Information, How-To, DIY, FAQ, and More

      All the following links are available at this site and have been identified by Swedespeed members. Help keep us the strongest Volvo community on the 'net by contributing information to the Swedespeed forums!
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      Forum Info:
      SwedeSpeed forum FAQ

      Vendor Info / Volvo docs:
      Tracking your Volvo from the Factory Overseas

      2005 V50 Owner's Manual (pdf)
      2006 S40 Owner's Manual (pdf)
      2006 V50 Owner's Manual (pdf)
      2007 V50 Owner's Manual (pdf)
      2008 S40 Owner's Manual (pdf)
      2009 S40 Owner's Manual (pdf)
      2009 V50 Owner's Manual (pdf)
      2010 V50 Owner's Manual (pdf)
      2011 S40 Owner's Manual (pdf)
      2011 V50 Owner's Manual (pdf)
      2012 S40 Owner's Manual (pdf)

      Pre-Facelift S40 Complete Accessory Listing (including wheels)
      Pre-Facelift V50 Complete Accessory Listing (including wheels)
      Facelift S40 Complete Accessory Listing (including wheels)
      Facelift V50 Complete Accessory Listing (including wheels)
      Volvo Accessory Installation Guides
      P1 Exhaust options

      Technical Information:
      Build Plate Codes and more info here
      Parts List Reference Guide
      TNN Listing (R-models, but contain S40/V50 too)
      United States Vehicle Recall Search
      Volvo Cars North America Technical Bookstore
      Wheel & Tire Sizing Calculator
      Wheel Lugnut Torque Very important: 81ft-lb >2008, 96ft-lb 2009 Torque Spec Reference (also R-models)
      Volvo Wiring Info

      Everyday Operation & General Information:
      Alternative Window Controls (lock button) video and (key fob) video
      Auto Start Video
      Emission Readiness Reset Procedure
      Homesafe Lighting Video
      How to Program Homelink
      Jacking Up the Car
      Quick Check for Diagnostic Trouble Codes
      Resetting Service Indicator (all 2004 and a video
      Sunroof calibration

      Common Issues:
      AC Problems Solutions and a video
      Door Lock Stuck
      Front Wheel Bearing Lock Brace Installation
      Heater Core O Ring Replacement
      Ignition Key Repair
      Ignition Switch Repair
      Outdoor Thermometer & Driver's Door Issues
      PCV Extended Warranty from Volvo US Fix is covered on certain cars
      (more detail on previous item) Clogged Crankcase Ventilation Causes Squeal, How to Repair it Yourself, more tips, and The Gory Details
      Start...Shudder...Stall (SSS) Problem for 2004.5-2006 models
      Sunroof Rattle Fix
      Turn Wheel Try Start Again fix
      Wet Floor: Leaky A/C & Sunroof Drains and here and also here
      Wind Noise from A-Pillar Area
      Seat Noise Fix
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      How-To's & Technical Information:
      Airbox Removal Tips
      Back Seat Removal
      Cabin Blower Motor Access
      Cabin Filter Replacement
      Center Console Removal 2004.5-2007
      Center Console Removal and Shifter Blind Repair 2004.5-2007
      Center Console Removal and Shifter Blind Repair 2008-2012
      Center Console Removal and Shifter Blind Repair C70
      Changing Trunk Wiring Harness
      Door Harness Access Video
      Door Panel Removal
      Door Module Access
      Facelift Interior Conversion
      Front Bumper Removal Video
      Front Seat Removal Video
      Glove Box Removal and Access to Climate Recirculator
      Hood (Bonnet) Removal Video
      Installing Slightly Longer Wheel Bolts
      Key Fob Battery Replacement 2004-07 video and 2008-13 video
      Key Fob Guts & Other Key Information
      Key Fob Swap
      Key add/delete using VIDA online
      P1 How to Videos Thread
      Reset Automatic Window Function
      Shift Knob (Manual) Removal Video
      Steering Column Lock repair - without reprogramming

      Sunroof and Sunroof-Shade Removal
      Sunroof: Manually Open and Close
      Turn Signal Stalk Removal and Cleaning
      V50 Interior Tailgate Removal
      Wiper Blade Rebuild
      Wiper Motor Linkage and Arms Replacement

      Bleeding the Brakes (Automatic)
      Bleeding the Brake and Clutch Systems
      Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement, info for front 300mm, and info for front 320mm
      Details on Brake Components
      Identifying Brake Size and here

      Engine and Powertrain:
      Alternator Replacement
      Alternator (Accessories) & A/C Compressor Belt Replacement
      A/C Clutch Bearing Replacement

      AWD/Haldex Fluid Change
      Battery Replacement Group Size is 94R/H7, or 48/H6 if Not Premium Sound
      Brake vacuum ejector venturi replacement (more pictures/info) (even more pictures/info)
      Coolant Drain and Fill
      Coolant Reservoir Replacement
      Coolant Temperature Sensor Replacement
      CV Axle Replacement video
      CV Boot Replacement
      CV Repair AWD Propshaft/Driveshaft
      DSTC (Dynamic Stability Traction Control) Discussion
      Exhaust Manifold Gasket Replacement
      Exhaust manifold leak / stud repair
      and here and also here
      Fuel Pressure Sensor (FPS) Replacement (T5) and here
      FWD Rear Bearing Hub Replacement and a video
      Front Wheel Bearing Replacement (using special tool)
      Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor & Throttle Body Locations (T5) similar on 2.4i
      Oil Change (T5) and here
      Oil Change (2.4i)
      O2 Sensor (rear) Replacement
      Power Steering Fluid Flush and here
      Spark Plug Change (T5)
      Spark Plug Change (2.4i)
      Spark Plug Information be careful, many conflicting size reports from both vendors and users!
      Starter Motor Replacement (also Air Box, PCV, Alternator and Related Items)
      Thermostat Replacement
      Throttle Body Clean (2.4i)
      Throttle Body Removal (T5) Video
      Timing Belt Replacement (T5)
      Timing Belt Replacement (for 2.4i) and here
      Transmission Fluid Change (Automatic)
      Transmission Fluid Change (Manual) and Factory Procedure and a Related Thread in the R Forum
      Transmission Removal (Manual M66)
      Transmission internals - differential install detailed photos (Manual M66 AWD)
      Turbo Control Valve (TCV) Replacement (2.0D)
      Turbo Oil Feed Line Crush Gasket Replacement
      Turbo Oil Return Line Seal Replacement

      Suspension & Mounts:
      Factory Sport Suspension Part Numbers
      Front Struts and Springs Replacement
      Left Side Engine Mount Replacement and here
      Lower Control Arm Replacement, and a video, and Bushing Failure
      Rear Camber Arms (Aftermarket) Installation, and a video, and here
      Rear Lateral Links Replacement
      Rear Shocks, Arms, and Springs Replacement, Rear Shock (video)
      Torque Mount Replacement (video)
      Upper (Right Side) Engine Mount Replacement
      Left Side Engine Mount Replacement, and here
      Wheel and Chassis Alignment

      Auto-dimming mirror w/ compass Installation
      Ignition Ring Removal Video
      Pedal (Heico) Installation (Manual)
      Pedal (E-bay) Installation (Automatic)
      Skid Plate Install
      Volvo Sport Steering Wheel Installation, video, and a download here...Clicking Link Will Begin Download
      V50 Tailgate Spoiler Installation

      Adding an Aux-in to the Basic Sound System
      Adding Tweeters to Non-Premium Sound Systems & Rear Door Panel Removal
      Center Speaker Grille Removal Video
      Dension GW500 Audio Adapter Installation
      FM Modulator Installation
      Full Speaker Upgrade with Detailed Pictures
      GROM MOST unit install
      Sub install
      XM Satellite Commander Installation
      XM/FM Modulator / FM Radio / AFM V50

      Bixenon upgrade
      Disabling DRLs (daytime running lights)
      Halogen Upgrade
      Halos/Angel Eyes and here
      Headlight Adjustment and Assembly Pictures
      Headlight Aiming
      HID Conversion with info on HID upgrade options and here
      LED conversion for All the Car's Bulbs
      Vanity Mirror Bulb Replacement

      Performance (Engine, Chassis, etc.):
      Boost Gauge Installation and here and here AND here and also here (very detailed)
      "De-Unicorning" the 2.4i Muffler
      Disable traction control and ABS
      drjonez race mode mod (disable all traction control but keep ABS and AWD)
      Exhaust (Heico) Installation and also here
      Fuel Injector Upgrade
      Intake (Injen) Installation (Automatic)
      Intercooler Installation and here and an additional upgrade option here.
      iPd Turbo Control Valve (TCV) Installation and here
      Rear Sway Bar Installation, Vertical Mounting Points, Horizontal Mounting Points, Rattling Fix, and Mazda 3 sway bar install with end link swap
      Software Tune Loading (Elevate, Shark, etc.) Video
      Strut Bar (EST) Installation and here
      Throttle Body upgrade

      CD Slot Suede Replacement
      De-Badging Letters
      Headliner Removal and Repair (S40)
      Mirror Upgrade to Modern Volvo Mirrors
      Painting Textured Skirts to Match Body
      Seat Skin Removal Video
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